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Candy.AI - Only sexting with sexy girls made by AI
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Chinese Mistress Trains Her New Toilet Slave to Consume Shit


Beautiful Chinese Misstress sits on the toilet and her new toilet slave is on knees in front of her. The mistress tells the slave to put his head under the toilet to look how his freshly made meal comes out.

As the shit drops, toilet slave seems to be more scared, but he is still in his position like his mistress told him to looking on the meal.

When Mistress is done, she orders the slave to wipe her ass with toilet paper. When her ass is clean, mistress orders slave to sniff and lick the toilet paper and then she pushes it straight into his mouth and orders to eat it.

Now slave has to pick up the shit from the toilet and eat everything mistress prepared for him!

Date: August 3, 2022

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